Heart Coherence

Here's a quick and effective calming technique provided by Heartmath, which they say "helps you create a coherent state, offering access to your heart's intelligence." 

Voice Analyzer

Free analyzer, Nanovoice, checks your speech and provides useful information about your personality and health. The idea is that you are influenced by frequencies revealed in your voice. Use Nanovoice to let you know if you need to balance frequencies or add some that are missing for well-being. For instance, if you feel nervous, but want to be confident, perhaps you can listen to the right frequency to boost self-assurance.
 V arious CDs are based on specific notes. Here’s just one example http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/paularmitage11
Jill Mattson offers several beautiful free sound healing Mp3s if you are
And here’s a handy article about how amazing music can be for well-being. http://www.cracked.com/article_18405_7-insane-ways-music-affects-body-according-to-science.html



Affirmations, positive statements, can forge new pathways in your brain that aid mental health and happiness. When you combine them with music, they have the potential to be super-effective.

Dr. Carmen Harra describes what affirmations are in the Huffington Post:
 Affirmations by Louise Hay:  http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/

Gratitude Journal

Present Moment Awareness

Spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle teaches about present moment awareness in his book, "The Power of Now." Living in the moment can free you from stress that accompanies worrying about the past or future, helping you feel relaxed and happy. The link below features Eckhart talking about how to live in the present.


Meditation trains you to relax while calming your body and mind. It provides stress relief and helps you manage depression. However, you don't need to face emotional challenges to benefit, since it can simply be a pleasurable maintenance tool,  preventing anxiety and increasing well-being.
This video describes breathing meditation for beginners:


Metaphors don't just add oomph to creative writing; they can help you solve problems and deepen self-awareness. Use them to help you manage challenges.